Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic

on November 11, 2005 by Barbara Goslawski
Controversial comic Sarah Silverman has found the perfect vehicle for her notorious stand up routine -- the one that insults every race, creed and tragedy in the history of mankind -- and neophyte director Liam Lynch seems content not to interfere. This film is not for the faint of heart and especially not for the politically correct. Anyone watching this film will remember Whoopi Goldberg's comment in "The Aristocrats" that race was actually the final taboo, not sex. Never one to mince words (she's been fired for her brand of humor and targeted by media watchdogs), Silverman continues to push the envelope further than anyone imagined. She punctuates her more shocking statements with a coy, manipulative smile that suggests that she is being provocative. But the shtick isn't enough to sustain interest for the duration of the film. While she does have her funny moments, her insensitive persona is simply not interesting enough to warrant a feature film. Featuring Sarah Silverman. Directed by Liam Lynch. Written by Sarah Silverman. Produced by Heidi Herzon, Randy Sosin and Mark Williams. A Roadside release. Comedy concert. Unrated. Running time: 72 min
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