Seed Of Chucky

on November 12, 2004 by Matt Caracappa
The fifth and likely final installment of the "Child's Play" franchise will leave one feeling more exhausted than grossed out, scared or even just amused. "Bride of Chucky" taught us that the people behind these films are not afraid to be sick, but there's not much to this one beyond that.

That doesn't stop star Jennifer Tilly from trying. Supplying the voice of Tiffany (homicidal puppet Chucky's reincarnated bride-doll), Tilly pulls double duty, also playing herself in a movie-within-the-movie as an actress on the set of a "Chucky" film who gets way too close to her leading man.

The story centers on Chucky and Tiffany's child Glen (another doll, even uglier), who brings his parents back to life so he can finally be part of a real family. Sadly, the new twists only pave the way for more of the same-old. The unlikely supporting cast of Redman and John Waters help to make the film feel a little less low-rent than it is, but if you've seen any movies recently that even approach the unforgiving classlessness of "Seed of Chucky," nothing here will feel shiny and new.

Seed of Chucky Even at 87 minutes, the film feels 20 too long. "Seed of Chucky" is too slow in getting to the places it wants to be. The series has become so visually repulsive and without soul that there are very few things left with which to shock the audience. Though in a world where CG is taking the place of creativity in movies, "Seed of Chucky" does make good use of the technology. Chucky and pals are more animated than ever, doing positively bizarre things they never could before.

It must be mentioned that Jennifer Tilly's role here shouldn't be viewed as scraping the bottom of the barrel. Tilly didn't just come for her paycheck -- she truly embraces the genre she's signed on for, and has no qualms about diving into its putrid belly headfirst. Although "Seed of Chucky" is a dish best served on late-night cable, one can't help but wish Tilly and those infamous dolls had been given a little more to sink their teeth and hacksaws into (besides Redman's intestines). Starring Jennifer Tilly, Redman and John Waters. Voiced by Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly and Billy Boyd. Directed and written by Don Mancini. A Rogue release. Horror. Rated R for violence, gore, language, nudity and adult situations. Running time: 87 min

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