Soldiers in the Army of God

on September 10, 2000 by Kevin Courrier
   The fact that "Soldiers in the Army of God" depicts the extremist anti-abortion movement, which uses terrorist tactics to try to stop reproductive choice, gives the film an incendiary power. But the documentary, much like "Blood in the Face" (which examined white supremicists), neglects to provide a context, or much insight into the group's beliefs.

   "Soldiers in the Army of God" relies too much on the sensational aspects of people like Bob Lokey, an Army of God leader who calls for civil war; or Paul Hill, who murdered two doctors, and thinks of himself as a martyr. The only truly compelling character is Jonathan, a confused 19-year-old who opposes abortion on demand. But we never discover what is at the root of the fanatical beliefs, because the directors only seek to outrage the audience. "Soldiers in the Army of God" can march right over to "Hard Copy."    Directed by Mark Levin and Daphne Pinkerson. Written by Marc Levin. Produced by Daphne Pinkerson, Marc Levin and Daniel Voll. No distributor set. Documentary. Not yet rated. Running time: 70 min.

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