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on August 04, 1995 by Dwayne Leslie
   Grace (Julia Roberts) finds her life running at a busy pace. She works at a Southern horse farm, volunteers for the local charity league and tries to take care of her husband (Dennis Quaid) and daughter (Haley Aull). But overall her life seems happy -- until she chances to see her husband kissing another woman. When she confronts him later, he lies to her, so she seeks refuge with her sister (Kyra Sedgwick). Her "perfect world" gone, Grace must make changes if she's going to save her marriage and have her horses ready for an upcoming competition.
   Despite its apparent trappings, this Spring Creek production is not a date movie. It raises a number of sensitive issues that some women like Grace -- and her mother (Gena Rowlands), who has sublimated her anger over the philandering of her own husband (Robert Duvall) -- might have been ignoring. The film's effectiveness in exploring these issues means that men would probably be wise to let their significant others attend with girlfriends or mothers, as the formerly passive might become aggressive! However, the script by Callie Khouri (who won an Oscar for "Thelma & Louise") is somewhat disjointed in structure; the first half finds feminism lit and running rampant in Grace's southern town, but midway through male bashing takes over as the plot begins to focus on the equine Grand Prix. An uplifting ending involving reconciliation seems only an afterthought. At times, Grace's emotions don't appear natural, as though Roberts were trying too hard. As her no-holds-barred sister, Sedgwick is smashing; her straightforward look on life will have audiences laughing out loud.    Starring Julia Roberts, Dennis Quaid and Kyra Sedgwick. Directed by Lasse Hallstrom. Written by Callie Khouri. Produced by Paula Weinstein and Anthea Sylbert. A Warner Bros. release. Romantic comedy. Rated R for brief strong language. Running time: 106 min.
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