Son of Gascogne (Les Fils de Gascogne)

on October 09, 1995 by Kristan Ginther
   Midway through "Son of Gascogne," Director Pascal Aubier intercuts the famous scene from "Breathless," in which Jean Seberg follows a stumbling Jean-Paul Belmondo down a Parisian street, and mimics it as well. With that scene, it is apparent that "Son of Gascogne" is a film buff's film, which is both its victory and downfall.
   The story of a scheming chauffeur (Jean-Claude Dreyfus) passing off a fatherless teenager (Gregoire Colin) as the son of (fictional) famed director Gascogne is incidental and merely an excuse to revisit French New Wave stomping grounds. Aubier, a former assistant of Jean Luc Godard, has obvious love and reverence for the era. And lovers of film--especially the French variety--will share his passion and find joy in the film's numerous intertextual delights, including several celebrity cameos. Cineastes should enjoy this wonderful gem of a film; however, "Son of Gascogne" might seem slow and a bit on the dull side for those who've not taken a number of film classes.    Starring Gregoire Colin and Jean-Claude Dreyfus. Directed by Pascal Aubier. Written by Patrick Modiano and Pascal Aubier. Produced by Dennis Hartnagel. A Filmopolis release. French-language; subtitled. Not rated. Running time: 108 min.
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