Soul In The Hole

on August 08, 1997 by Alex Albanese
A deeply involving look at the raucous inner-city subculture of in-your-face street baseball, Danielle Gardner's wonderful feature- length documentary "Soul in the Hole" is a passionate piece of work that will engross people with no interest in Division I athletics or the NBA. The film follows the fortunes of the Kenny's Kings team, based in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, as the players defend their championship reputation against challengers from all over New York City during the long hot summer of 1993.
   More than just a chronicle of wins, losses and breathtaking plays, "Soul in the Hole" captures the gritty spirit of the game and carnival atmosphere of the tournaments; allowing outsiders to viscerally experience the importance of these games and the players to their communities. The film also creates a detailed portrait of Kenny Jones, the coach of the Kings--who works 3 jobs to support both his family and his team--and his relationship with his troubled star player, Ed "Booger" Smith, a Mozart of street ball who might no be able to escape the lure of the street itself. Directed by Danielle Gardner. Produced by Lilibet Foster. A Northern Arts release. Documentary. Unrated. Running time: 90 min.
Tags: Directed by Danielle Gardner, Produced by Lilibet Foster, Northern Arts, Documentary

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