on June 27, 1997 by Karen Achenbach
   Ten men come together inside a big, empty house for a bachelor party. Party favors include drugs, liquor, two strippers and their handler. After an accident kills one of the girls, the men desperately try to escape the consequences, creating a situation that's irredeemably worse. This group of very good actors led by Mario Van Peebles (and also including Ben Gazarra, Gerald Anthony and John Stockwell) creates energy, but the script by Evan Taylor and Pat Bermell focuses on character degeneration and fails to create audience interest.
   Instead, "Stag" presents a tedious journey through the dull minds of uninspiring men. These gents seem contagious; one doesn't want to look at them, much less spend 93 minutes with them. The lone character with moral courage is well played by Kevin Dillon. Also noteworthy are Andrew McCarthy playing an uncharacteristically evil role, and the great Jerry Stiller (most recently of TV's "Seinfeld") as the vulnerable neighbor. A bathroom set is exciting, though the rest of the house sets are not; high-key lighting in predominantly dark frames and crawling, ominous music create a cohesive, if unpleasant, ambiance. Starring Mario Van Peebles, Andrew McCarthy and Kevin Dillon. Directed by Gavin Wilding. Written by Evan Taylor and Pat Bermell. Produced by John Dunning and Mike Pasoernak. A CFP release. Drama. Unrated. Running time: 93 min
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