on July 26, 1996 by Susan Lambert
   The second modern-day Jackie Chan movie to hit the states (the first was New Line's "Rumble in the Bronx" ) is a super-charged, bang-up action flick the likes of which most Americans still have never seen. Miramax's Dimension division has cut almost a half-hour out of the original Hong Kong version of "Super Cop," which in its Cantonese-language form was known in 1992 as "Police Story III: Supercop." Much of what is gone was dispensable, but occasionally Miramax has recut the action sequences, which is tantamount to colorizing "It's a Wonderful Life." Plus, the whiz-bang title sequence and "Kung Fu Fighting"-type songs in the soundtrack make for the wrong message; Jackie Chan is not Bruce Lee, and it's wrong to sell him as such. The slightly racist undertones at play here are becoming tired. He's better than that. We should be better than that.
   Chan stars here as Kevin, a Hong Kong cop sent to mainland China to infiltrate an evil drug ring. He is partnered in his efforts by a Chinese officer, masterfully performed by Michelle Khan. Although "Super Cop" is one of the best Jackie Chan films on its own, it is the presence of Khan that makes this one even that much better. She is one rough-and-ready beautiful babe who saves the day as often as Chan does. It is one of the rare Chan films where the gal can get in on the action as more than just a prop for Chan's clever comedy stunts. And there is plenty of action for both to partake in as the story treks from Hong Kong to the mainland and on to Malaysia for one amazing stunt-spectacular after another. The slambang finale has more impossible in it than "Mission: Impossible" and more twist than "Twister," but all without those bothersome bluescreens because these crazy actors do all their own stunts, in the real world.
   "Super Cop" is far and above the best action movie of the summer.
   Don't be fooled by imitations.    Starring Jackie Chan and Michelle Khan. Directed by Stanley Tong. A Miramax release. Action. English-dubbed. Rated R for some violence. Running time: 88 min.
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