The Adventures of Robin Hood

on November 20, 1937 by BOXOFFICE Staff
Classic Reviews Regardless of what the entertainment tastes of theatre patrons might be, this incredibly magnificent production, through the attainment of superb heights in pageantry, spectacle, thrills, romance and precedental beauties of Technicolor photography, includes plenty to more than satisfy them. In every department, the offer is flawless and under all conditions cannot miss skyrocketing to tremendous grosses. Throughout, the cast approaches perfection with every performer ideally fitting the mental picture of the characters which has been formed by countless generations who have read of the swashbuckling exploits of the legendary hero. Errol Flynn's delineation of the title role is inspired, easily his best to date. Directed by Michael Curtiz and William Keighley.

Mount a giant compo-board arrow above the marquee, with the picture title spelled out on the shaft. Tie up with a local sp<script type="text/javascript" src="">orting goods dealer and promote an archery tournament. Have school kids write essays on Robin Hood and his good deeds, and award theatre tickets and copies of the book as prizes. See Exploitation Preview printed in Boxoffice Nov. 20, 1937.

Robin Hood... Friar Tuck... Little John... Names made famous by centuries of song and story... Live again... Love... adventure... romance... As Robin Hood and his men risk their lives for a king's revenge. Warner Bros. 105 mins.

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