The Backyard

on August 29, 2003 by Charles Martin
"The Backyard" is a disturbing but thorough and unpretentious look at the roughneck phenomenon of "backyard wrestling" and the toll it takes--both physical and psychological--on the participants.

Director Paul Hough takes us inside the minds of these kids, who have some sadly funny stories to tell--as well as some that are just plain sad. From "The Lizard," who dreams of a career in professional wrestling, to "Scar," who only lives for the kicks and blood, to the two brothers who torture each other in a pathetic display of misplaced family rage, Hough brings us memorable characters who see the "sport" as an escape of some form or another.

"The Backyard" is a very hard doc to watch, but it's as gruesomely riveting as a train wreck. Violence, boredom, cynicism and just plain stupidity all get a workout here, and nobody comes out looking good. Psychologists will be poring over this one for years to come. Directed and produced by Paul Hough. No distributor set. Documentary. Not yet rated. Running time: 80 min.

Tags: Directed and produced by Paul Hough, Documentary, family, psychological, wrestling

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