The Big Sleep

on August 17, 1946 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   Fast-moving murder mystery without time for a yawn, except the title. It's Bogart from action start to gun-blazing finish, with excellent support from Lauren Bacall and all others of the cast. Plenty of high-wire suspense and unexpected situations that call for nail-nibbling or chair-arm twisting. Bogart is a two-fisted, many-gunned private detective who meets the strange Sternwood family, and odd events pop off like firecrackers as he tries to solve the difficulties of two charming but erratic daughters. Toss in half a dozen assorted murders, flavor well with realistic fistics, stir with revolvers, automatics and tommyguns, and you've got a first-rate thriller. Excellently produced and directed by Howard Hawks, with equal plaudits to Sid Hickox for photography. Highly recommended for fans who like their whodunits highly seasoned, and for those troubled with somnolence. Starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, John Ridgely, Martha Vickers, Dorothy Malone, Peggy Knudsen and Regis Toomey.

Outstanding bet is more plugging of the established names of Bogart and Bacall on marquees, on fronts and in lobbies. Here's another bookstore tie-in with a sales drive for Raymond Chandler's novels and similar murder mysteries. As blackmail features in the plot, use mailing lists in various ways. Get cooperation of photo stores, as a camera plays a big part in the story. Furniture stores could cooperate with bed displays in windows.

Don't Be Found Asleep When Bogart and Bacall Are in Town...The Show With a Sock and a Kiss...'Snews of The Big Snooze...When the Latchstring Doesn't Mean Welcome...Putting All the Yeggs in One Basket.Riddled With Red Lead and Peppered With Hot Shot...Bigger, Better, Bogart, Bacall...Mystery History of a Strange Family...Trading Slugs and Socks for Love...Solving Sudden Death With a Punch. FLASHBACK: August 17, 1946
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Warner Bros. 114 min. Rel. Aug 31 46

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