The Count of Monte Cristo

on September 07, 1934 by BOXOFFICE Staff
   This Reliance production, produced by Edward Small for U.A. release, is a splendid filmization of the Dumas classic. Despite its lengthy running time, it is thoroughly entertaining and has been elaborately produced. Romance, pathos, drama and all the elements of entertainment have been expertly blended. The entire cast is excellent throughout. Robert Donat and Elissa Landi are particularly fine in the leading roles. Direction is noteworthy and the photography class-A. Large reader interest in this classic, plus recent broadcast versions, should help at the box office. The picture itself should register strongly and more than satisfy viewers.

   Fictionalized facts with historical background included in this work of Dumas are legend to a vast reading public and there should be an audience ready and waiting. Tie up with book stores. Cast has plenty of good names for marquee. Good street ballyhoo might be man in costume of the Count of Monte Cristo parading main thoroughfares.

   Alive Yet Dead--He Sought Vengeance!
   None Could Fathom the Identity or Purpose of the Glamorous Figure Masquerading as the Count of Monte Cristo.

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