The Interview

on February 08, 2000 by Susan Green
   A touch of Franz Kafka and a hint of George Orwell seem to have infiltrated this claustrophobic psychological thriller co-written by director Craig Monahan. Hugo Weaving, who also excelled in "Proof" and "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert," plays a loner named Eddie Fleming. He lives in a dark tomb of an apartment, where every corner is taken up with yellowing newspapers stacked in enormous, dusty piles. No wonder the police break in early one morning, seizing everything in sight as possible evidence and making vague accusations about an unspecified crime.

   The home invasion is prelude to an interrogation at the precinct that fosters edge-of-the-seat tension as the suspect moves from fear to bravado and finally demonstrates more cleverness than his determined captors--John Steele (Tony Martin), the lead investigator, a veteran detective with a reputation for getting his man by any means necessary, and his arrogant young partner (Aaron Jeffrey), who's the kind of lawman who relies on brute force.

   The case--concerning a missing person who might be the latest victim of a possible serial killer--provides the film with as many odd twists as "The Usual Suspects." Weaving's remarkable performance, which could rival that of Kevin Spacey as the slippery Keyser Soze, creates the perfect nemesis for the seen-it-all-before bloke that Martin portrays with considerable authority. They stage a verbal pas de deux that makes "The Interview" thoroughly gripping entertainment.    Starring Hugo Weaving, Tony Martin, Aaron Jeffrey and Michael Caton. Directed by Craig Monahan. Written by Craig Monahan and Gordon Davie. Produced by Bill Hughes. A Cinema Guild release. Thriller. Unrated. Running time: 103 min.

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