The Juror

on February 02, 1996 by Pat Kramer
   In this intense, fast-paced suspense/ thriller, Demi Moore plays the unlikely role of juror Annie Laird, a New York artist who decides to become a juror in a mobster's murder trial for some "excitement." Instead, she becomes the target of a shadowy assassin who's known as the "Teacher" (Alec Baldwin), whose campaign of terror invades every aspect of her life. In doing so, she is forced to choose between her moral values and her teenage son (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who the Teacher promises to kill if she fails to vote "not guilty" for mobster boss Louie Boffano (Tony Lo Bianco).
   With director Brian Gibson ("What's Love Got to Do With It") and scripter Ted Tally ("The Silence of the Lambs") onboard, one would expect more of this film, which is high on entertainment quality but low on believability. But Both Baldwin and Moore offer emotionally driven performances--Baldwin is transfixing as the stalker alternating between perpetrator and savior--and "The Juror" aptly captures the dark and fearful sides of human nature.    Starring Demi Moore, Alec Baldwin and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Directed by Brian Gibson. Written by Ted Tally. Produced by Irwin Winkler and Rob Cowan. A Columbia release. Thriller. Rated R for violence, language and sexuality. Running time: 120 min.
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