The Last Man

on February 15, 2002 by Tim Cogshell
   Though it starts off as a quirky satire, "The Last Man," a post-apocalyptic romantic comedy about the last three people on Earth, soon becomes fairly maudlin black comedy about the universalities of human relationships.

   Even after the obliteration of the human race, three is a crowd. Here, there are two men and one woman. Sarah (Jeri Ryan of TV's “Star Trek: Voyager”) is beautiful but moody, and thinks God has smote the entire planet to punish her. This staggering narcissism is not explored in the film. Man One, whom we meet first and from whose point of view the film is told, is a nebbish geek grad student named Alan (David Arnott). Man Two, Raphael (Dan Montgomery), is a young, not-too-bright but sincere Adonis. He stumbles upon Alan and Sarah a few weeks into the apocalypse and has to be told that they are the last people on Earth.

   Alan is making a documentary record of the goings-on in their little threesome, so he spends most of his time talking to the camera. This mostly a filmmaking device writer/director Harry Ralston uses to break the fourth wall. Though Alan's obsessions are at first funny, he eventually becomes as irritating to the audience as he is to Sarah and Raphael. The moral of the story? Youth and beauty will inherit the Earth and losers are losers even when they are alone. But who didn't know that? Starring David Arnott, Dan Montgomery and Jeri Ryan. Directed and written by Harry Ralston. Produced by Tamara Hernandez. A Castle Hill release. Black comedy. Unrated. Running time: 9

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