The Last Wave (1978)

on December 19, 1978 by BOXOFFICE Staff
Richard Chamberlain stars in this unusual Australian film which sustains a foreboding atmosphere throughout. Chamberlain portrays a lawyer who becomes deeply involved in a case defending some Aborigines accused of murder. Hailstones pummel the earth in the opening scene, making water an ominous symbol, perhaps warning of the giant tidal wave that comes at the end of the film. The shock ending could represent another deluge--or the end of the world.

   The film is an interesting mixture of dreams and reality, of occult Aborigine tribal rituals and of modern-day Sydney.

   Tie in with book stores dealing with Aboriginal, supernatural and occult themes. Play up the name of Richard Chamberlain.

   The Deluge--A Dream of the Past, a Vision of the Future...Dreams and Reality, Past, Present and Future Fuse Together.

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