The Locusts

on October 03, 1997 by Kim Williamson
   Southern gothic goes grotesque in this overheated tale of a drifter ("Swingers'" Vince Vaughn) come into a small ranching town, where he meets up with an alcoholic breaker of men (Kate Capshaw), her mentally troubled son ("Going All the Way's" Jeremy Davies) and a local good-time girl ("Kiss the Girls'" Ashley Judd). Instead of trying to tell one story--of psychosis, say, or incest, or murder, or blackmail--writer/director John Patrick Kelly decides to tell them all at once. He tells them heartfully, but in "The Locusts" crisis and casualty are on overload, and so is the audience.    Starring Vince Vaughn, Jeremy Davies, Ashley Judd and Kate Capshaw. Directed and written by John Patrick Kelly. Produced by Brad Krevoy, Steve Stabler and Bradley Thomas. Drama. Rated R for sexuality. Running time: 123 min.
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