The Navigators

on February 21, 2003 by Susan Green
Another of Ken Loach's fact-based sagas about the English working class, "The Navigators" examines how privatization has undermined both the laborers who maintain train tracks and the safety of the system itself. Thatcherism ain't over yet, it seems. One particular team in South Yorkshire finds that agreements forged with the once mighty British Rail are no longer guaranteed when an efficiency-minded company takes over. Paul (Joe Duttine), the divorced father of two young daughters, sleeps on the couch at the modest home of his married colleague Mick (Tom Craig). Along with the other men from their job site (including a character played by Steve Huison of "The Full Monty"), they are hit hard by changes that propel most of them into freelance assignments with no job security. While a bit less fulfilling than "Riff Raff" or "Raining Stones," the latest chapter in the impressive Loach lexicon still packs a punch. Starring Joe Duttine, Tom Craig, Steve Huison, Dean Andrews, Venn Tracey and Sean Glenn. Directed by Ken Loach. Written by Rob Dawber. Produced by Rebecca O'Brien. A First Look release. Drama. Rated R for language and some sexuality. Running time: 96 min.
Tags: Starring Joe Duttine, Tom Craig, Steve Huison, Dean Andrews, Venn Tracey, Sean Glenn, Directed by Ken Loach, Written by Rob Dawber, Produced by Rebecca O'Brien, First Look, Drama

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