The Players Club

on April 10, 1998 by Dwayne E. Leslie
   To earn enough money for college, pay the rent and take care of her son, a young woman named Diamond (Lisa Raye) becomes the newest stripper at The Player's Club. Getting a good education and obtaining a respectable job are her anchors, allowing her to remain focused on the prize when faced with constant degradation and humiliation. To add to Diamond's problems is the drinking problem of her visiting cousin ("Bagdad Cafe's" Monica Calhoun), which leads to her hanging out with undesirables and conflict with Diamond. Meantime, because of a "failure to be re-compensated," the nightclub owner ("Friday's" Bernie Mac) has his life threatened by gangsters.
   "The Players Club" doesn't dwell much on the dancing, although there are enough body parts on display to more than satisfy certain moviegoers' visual needs. Overshadowing the skin and sin aspects, though, is the best female fight of the year. Because of its redemption value and the punches, head-smashing and kicks that result from the unleashing of the built-up animosity between the two female lead characters, it's the sequence of "The Players Club" that will have audiences cheering.    Starring Lisa Raye, Chrystale Wilson, Monica Caloun, Jamie Foxx and Bernie Mac. Directed and written by Ice Cube. Produced by Pat Charbonnet, Carl Craig and Dwight Williams. A New Line release. Drama. Rated R for strong language, sexual content and violence. Running time: 103 min.
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