The Rage: Carrie 2

on March 12, 1999 by Bridget Byrne
   It has a couple of jump-out-of-your-skin moments, a final bloodbath (literally, as the kinetic outcast and one of her bleeding tormentors wash around in a swimming pool) and Amy Irving, as a wracked-with-guilt survivor of the original 1976 "Carrie" mayhem. But this much belated and unnecessary sequel, "The Rage: Carrie 2," seems merely a crude attempt to capitalize on the success of the original horror flick, which earned its cult status because Sissy Spacek was compelling as the title character and director Brian De Palma had a sure, stylish touch.
   Director Katt Shea's current effort, just another clunker in the glut of movies about sensation-seeking teens marketed to sensation-seeking teens, tries to latch on to the "Carrie" legacy in the hopes of standing out from the crowd. Such blatant exploitation adds to the film's inherent bad taste. Rachel (Emily Bergl) suffers from all the nastiness that movies like this insist warp today's high-schoolers: Her mother is mad; her foster parents cruel; her classmates don't like her tattoo; the football jocks view her as potentially just another body on their sexual score cards ­ a fate that has caused her one friend to kill herself. Even her dog is run over, although it survives ­ a destiny not fated for practically anyone else in town as Rachel, possessed of the "Carrie" gene, starts to "rage": moving furniture, exploding glass, smashing walls and ceilings, blasting objects through flesh and bone, spilling gallons of that bloody red liquid which sustains life ­ and is considered the life force of violent movies like this.
   Bergl tries hard to establish a menace which goes beyond merely eye-balling the opposition, but her powers seems an act rather than a talent or a true possession. Her foes are a hammy dud bunch, and Jessie (Jason London), the nice guy of the pack, is too conventionally cute. So the whole rampage is nothing more than just wannabe horror rather than genuine thrill. As for Irving as Sue Snell, the concerned teacher who tries to head off the disaster, she'd have been better off not surviving the first go-round. Starring Emily Bergl, Jason London and Amy Irving. Directed by Katt Shea. Written by Rafael Moreu. Produced by Paul Monash. An MGM release. Horror/Thriller. Rated R for strong graphic horror violence and gore, brief strong sexuality and language. Running time: 104 min
Tags: sequel, teen, high school, psychological, telekinesis, romance, humiliation, revenge, Brian De Palma, Amy Irving, Katt Shea, Emily Bergl, Jason London, horror

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