The Sadness of Sex

on March 06, 1998 by Lea Russo
   Writer Barry Yourgrau and music video/commercial director Rupert Wainwright decided to throw all the genres together to come up with "The Sadness of Sex," a collection of 15 vignettes that are part rock video parody, surreal art film, and romantic comedy. It's a shame the end result is too ridiculous to be funny, too pretentious to inspire admiration, and too obnoxious to sustain interest.
   Told through a mishmash of visuals--cartoons, home video, noir, '50s TV shows--and narrated by an outrageously dramatic Yourgrau, the film explores the relationship process, from the spark of passion to the inevitable terrible end. Though Yourgrau's prose is often beautifully written, evoking dreams and nightmares with wry insanity, the film has not a thoughtful, subtle moment. Like a greedy madman, director Wainwright tried to have it all and wound up with nothing. Starring Barry Yourgrau and Peta Wilson. Directed by Rupert Wainwright. Written by Barry Yourgrau and Rupert Wainwright. Produced by David Lancaster and Rubert Maconick. A Tara release. Vignettes. Unrated. Running time: 85 min.
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