The Search For One-eye Jimmy

on June 21, 1996 by Sean O'Neill
   As its press kit states, writer/director Sam Henry Kaas' goofy new movie "The Search For One-Eye Jimmy" wants to be "a cross between `Mean Streets' and the Marx Brothers." Kaas has managed to line up a number of performers who perhaps do better work than his occasionally lazy script deserves. Steve Buscemi, Samuel L. Jackson, Anne Meara and Nicholas Turturro bring spicy life to some severely undernourished scenarios. Nick Turturro's big brother John is an especial highlight as a polyester-suited, afro-sporting disco king.
   The film centers on West Coast film student Les (Holt McCallany), who comes back East to shoot a documentary on his old neighborhood, then stumbles onto a real story when a local character, Jimmy, goes missing. Les interviews his grieving family (including Buscemi and Meara) and neighborhood miscreants (such as master hustler/car thief Nick Turturro). Though his overall execution is weak, one wants to give Kaas extra credit for trying so hard, and with such a warm, sincere spirit. "The Search For One-Eye Jimmy" is ultimately an entertainingly dopey film.    A Northern Arts release. Comedy. Rated R. Running time: 82 min.
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