The Taste of Others (Le Gout des Autres)

on February 09, 2001 by Shlomo Schwartzberg
   “The Taste of Others” does what the French do best--craft romantic dramas that ring true and offer wisdom and insight into the relationships between men and women.

   Chief among them are Castella (Jean-Pierre Bacri), a likable boor who finds himself attracted to Clara (Anne Alvaro), a 40-year-old actress who has given up on ever finding love. At the same time, her friend Manie (Agnes Jaoui) begins a relationship with Castella's tough bodyguard, Moreno (Gerard Lanvin), who has vowed to never settle down with any woman. Then there's Castella's neurotic wife, Beatrice (Brigitte Catillon), who prefers animals to people, and his driver, Deschamps (Alain Chabat), who has romantic problems of his own. The linkages between the characters are never forced and the performances are uniformly pleasurable. Some of the people, such as Beatrice, could have been sketched in more depth and Jaoui's direction is somewhat clunky but this sweet film will leave you smiling.    Starring Agnes Jaoui, Jean-Pierre Bacri and Brigitte Catillon. Directed by Agnes Jaoui. Written by Agnes Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri. Produced by Charles Gassot. An Artistic License release. Drama. French language; subtitled. Not yet rated. Running time: 108 min.

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