The Tigger Movie

on February 11, 2000 by Dwayne E. Leslie
   After a 17-year absence from the bigscreen, the inhabitants of Hundred Acre Woods are back for an all-new adventure. In the interim, there have been four featurettes that have kept A.A. Milne's lovable characters fresh in the minds of young and old. As one might gather from the title, Winnie the Pooh (Jim Cummings) is not the center of attention this time around. By popular demand, the bouncy one himself, Tigger (also voiced by Cummings), is the star. Tigger is always looking for someone to bounce with. He is full of so much energy that he often tires his friends to a point where they start to avoid him. A comment made by his little bouncing partner Roo (Nikita Hopkins) incites Tigger to start doing some serious thinking about his own family tree. With good intentions, Roo and the gang compose a fake letter to Tigger from his family. But their plan backfires as he ventures in a blizzard in search of his Tigger family.
   The film is filled with heaping handfuls of emotion, mainly involving little Roo's longing for a big brother. He wants to impress Tigger so much that he almost loses his dear friend. This is offset by the comic relief dialogue of Eeyore (Peter Cullen), one of the main highlights of the movie. Without overdoing it, he manages to break the film's tension by nonchalantly pointing out the obvious. By the end of the press screening, adults were leaving the theatre laughing as they repeated Eeyore's phrases. Kids, on the other hand, loved the energized Tigger and his "whoop-de-dooper bouncing buddy" Roo. The new songs are fun, and of course Tigger sings his "Wonderful Thing about Tiggers" song. "The Tigger Movie" is an entertaining, modernized rendition of this nostalgic favorite that is sure to end up a classic. Voiced by Jim Cummings, Nikita Hopkins, Peter Cullen, Kath Soucie and Ken Sansom. Directed and written by Jun Falkenstein. Produced by Cherl Abood. A Buena Vista release. Animated. Rated G. Running time: 77 min
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