The Underground Comedy Movie

on May 07, 1999 by Tim Cogshell
   A disparate grouping of sketches and parodies built around a few central characters, writer-director Vince Offer's "The Underground Comedy Movie" pushes the concept of cynical satire well beyond its limits. The movie is only occasionally funny-a sketch about a 250-pound, bald, black, gay biker virgin had potential-yet relentlessly gross and pointlessly offensive. This film is only for those who don't require any context for their shock comedy. Perhaps a copy of Satire for Dummies might help the filmmakers in their next outing.    Starring Gena Lee Nolin, Slash, Michael Clarke Duncan, Lightfield Lewis, Karen Black, Rebecca Chaney, Jerry Mongo Brownlee, Michael Parisi, Gloria Sperling and Bobby Lee. Written and Directed by Vince Offer. Producer Jeffrey Jaeger. A Phaedra Cinema Release. Not Rated. Running time: 87 minutes.
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