Twice Upon A Yesterday

on May 28, 1999 by Kevin Courrier
   "The Man with Rain in his Shoes" is a reasonably entertaining romantic comedy with tinges of melancholy woven into its fringes. Victor (Douglas Henshall) is an actor who is down on his luck, drinking heavy, and having an affair. His girlfriend, Sylvia (Lena Headey), whom he really loves, finds out and dumps him. When she sets out to marry someone new, Victor magically goes back in time in order to try to win her heart again.
   The what-if premise of the picture has some resemblance to "Sliding Doors," but the structure here makes more sense. Henshall and Headey also both bring out the comic confusion of two bright people who don't know if they're right for each other. But there isn't enough for Elizabeth McGovern to do as the "mysterious" bartender, and the magic realist scenes are best forgotten.    Starring Douglas Henshall, Lena Headey, Penelope Cruz and Elizabeth McGovern. Directed by Maria Ripoli. Written by Rafa Russo. Produced by Juan Gordon. A Trimark release. Comedy/Drama. Not yet rated. Running time: 89 min.
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