Two Thousand and None

on September 12, 2000 by Barbara Goslawski
   "Two Thousand and None" is a rare cinematic achievement--a film that combines poignant insight with uproarious hilarity. John Turturro delivers a performance rich with subtlety and nuance as Benjamin, a paleontologist diagnosed with a terminal brain disease. Told that he has one month to live, Benjamin reacts with the requisite shock, and the film artfully draws us into the subsequent whirlwind of his life. The previously mild-mannered scientist begins to take some chances and live his final days to the fullest. This is a film in which extremes blend with brilliant precision: Writer/director Arto Paragamian deftly employs an elliptical, economical approach, easing the film from comedy to drama, realism to surrealism, with a remarkably assured control over the material and without the slightest hint of artifice. Witty, intelligent and deeply sympathetic, "Two Thousand and None" is a heartfelt and ingenious celebration of the absurdity of life.    Starring John Turturro, Julian Richings and Katherine Borowitz. Directed and written by Arto Paragamian. Produced by Arnie Gelbart. No distributor set. Comedy/Drama. Not yet rated. Running time: 90 min.
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