Vampire In Brooklyn

on October 27, 1995 by Wade Major
   After centuries of blood-sucking in the Bermuda Triangle, a vampire named Maximillian (Eddie Murphy) makes his way to Brooklyn to find a half-vampire woman (Angela Bassett) whom he intends to take as his mate. Unfortunately for him, the woman, a detective named Rita, is unaware of her "true nature" and already is the object of her partner Justice's (Allen Payne) secret admiration.
   For both Murphy and director Wes Craven, "Vampire in Brooklyn" is an odd change of pace, and it does justice to neither. Essentially little more than a romantic triangle with a "good versus evil" twist, it's not a bad film, but it is also neither winningly funny enough to exploit Murphy's talents nor bitingly scary enough to exploit Craven's. Craven's style is hampered by an ordinary script, while Murphy's penchant for makeup-laden cameos in his own films is starting to wear thin. The movie's best moments belong to supporting cast members Kadeem Hardison and John Witherspoon, who provide snappy banter that keeps the film above water when it otherwise would be sinking.    Starring Eddie Murphy and Angela Bassett. Directed by Wes Craven. Written by Charles Murphy and Michael Lucker & Christopher Parker. Produced by Eddie Murphy and Mark Lipsky. A Paramount release. Comedy/horror. Rated R for strong language and vampire violence. Running time: 103 min.
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