Very Bad Things

on November 27, 1998 by Dwayne E. Leslie
   There is a fine line between love and loyalty. By the end of this film, both are tested to the very limit, as is the viewer's capacity for the gruesome.
   Laura (Cameron Diaz) has waited almost three decades for her chance to walk down the aisle of holy matrimony. Nothing will derail her from having a perfect ceremony. Not even death. All she wants is for the chairs to be padded, the cake to be picked up, and her soon-to-be-husband to beg off his Las Vegas trip for his bachelor party.
   Her fiance, Kyle (Jon Favreau), doesn't heed her wishes and goes off with four of his buddies. As fate would have it, a very bad thing happens: A stripper is accidentally killed during the raunchy frivolity. Now the party boys have to decide whether to call the police or bury her.
   Morbid, sick and shocking, this black comedy is not for the family. The bachelor party scene is very similar to the one in the similarly-themed HBO movie "Stag," but that's where the comparison ends. From that point on, the film wages a war against one's moral senses in a story that's unforgettable.    Starring Cameron Diaz, Jon Favreau and Christian Slater. Directed and written by Peter Berg. Produced by Michael Schiffer, Diane Nabatoff and Cindy Cowan. A Polygram release. Black comedy. Rated R for strong, grisly violence, sexuality, drug use and language. Running time: 101 min.
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