Who Killed Bambi?

on November 12, 2004 by Ed Scheid
Once again, a cinematic hospital becomes a sinister place and a young woman is in jeopardy. Isabelle (Sophie Quinton) is a student nurse in an isolated area. She is independent, secretly bringing her boyfriend to her room. But her older cousin Veronique (Catherine Jacob) finds Isabelle immature.

When she meets young Dr. Philipp (Gilles Marchand, "With a Friend Like Harry") Isabelle faints. Philipp nicknames her Bambi because she has trouble staying on her feet. When the dizzy spells reoccur, the doctor diagnoses a condition requiring surgery. Isabelle grows increasingly apprehensive about the doctor. Philipp's secret is that he is attracted to sleeping and drugged female patients. His caresses of the sleeping women lead to physical assaults. He is aware of Isabelle's suspicions and a battle of wits and wills develops. Isabelle and those around her are in increasing danger.

"Bambi" won the Camera d'Or for Best First Feature at Cannes in 2003. Director and co-writer Gilles Marchand previously co-wrote the far superior "Human Resources" and "With a Friend Like Harry." This film is more successful in mood and setting (white hallways with stylized lighting and shadows gives a disorientating sense of dread and tension) than in the conventional screenplay. But the ambiance and solid performances energize the predictable and drawn-out plot that leads to the inevitable confrontation between Isabelle and Dr. Philipp. In her first feature, Quinton effectively combines physical fragility with intrepid determination. Starring Sophie Quinton, Laurent Lucas and Catherine Jacob. Directed by Gilles Marchand. Written by Gilles Marchand and Vincent Dietschy. Produced by Caroline Benjo and Carole Scotta. A Strand release. Thriller. French-language; subtitled. Unrated. Running time: 121 min

Tags: Sophie Quinton, Laurent Lucas, Catherine Jacob, Directed by Gilles Marchand, Written by Gilles Marchand, Vincent Dietschy, Produced by Caroline Benjo, Carole Scotta, A Strand release, Thriller, suspicions, doctor, physical, mood

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