on May 08, 1998 by Dale Winogura
   Cute and vivacious Jada Pinkett Smith is the Date From Hell in a depressingly fake farce that promises more laughs and sex than it delivers. The ads for "Woo" give the impression that Pinkett Smith plays a hooker, but she's really a lonely single girl looking for Mr. Right who gets hooked up on a blind date one night with a toal nerd (a vacant Tommy Davidson). The ensuing plotless comedy of errors is just an aimless parade of inane slapstick, tired jokes, and smartass attitude in place of characters. What characterization there is consists of weak, stupid men empowered by dominant, predatory women, encased in witless, tasteless commercial rubbish. No attempt at comic style or timing is evident in the limp direction by Daisy von Scherler Mayer ("Party Girl"), probably because David C. Johnson's moronic script was hopeless from the start. To say that this is a poor man's "After Hours" would be a compliment.    Starring Jada Pinkett Smith and Tommy Davidson. Directed by Daisy von Scherler Mayer. Written by David C. Johnson. Produced by Beth Hubbard and Michael Hubbard. A New Line release. Comedy. Rated R for sexual content and language. Running time: 85 min.
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