Tru Loved

on October 16, 2008 by Tim Cogshell

Tru (Najarra Townsend) is a high-school-aged girl with two mommies who relocates from the open-minded environs of San Francisco to the burbs of Anywhere, America, where she finds herself subject to the sort of innuendo one might expect. She quickly takes up with the school’s star quarterback, a kid named Lodell (Matthew Thompson), whom she pretty quickly clocks as just about the gayest boy she’s ever met. Unless you have no gaydar at all, you know this, too. This does not make you a bad person and is in fact the second problem with Tru Loved. Every gay person in the film, whether portraying a straight person, or a gay person pretending to be straight, is nevertheless plainly gay. Which severely undermines the film’s goals. Thus we see the film’s first problem: its goals. The film has a lot of them, and they’re all directed at making us better people. This, frankly, is irritating and won’t work. Which means Tru Loved will have a limited audience, none of whom will be its intended audience of high-school-aged homophobes, who’ll likely just see The Dark Knight for the fifth time, (which, ironically, is incredibly gay).

The hook in Tru Loved is that Lodell is a football star and African American, as well as a closeted homosexual. All of which is pretty interesting when one considers the deeply-seated issues both athletes and black kids have individually when they’re gay. Combine those issues and it’s big drama … but not in this movie, which is likely because of the third problem with Tru Loved : the writing and acting, which is wretched—across the board. Every word of dialogue is both written and delivered with the most precious deliberateness and instructive tone. This is terrible, especially given the fairly notable quasi-name cast, which includes a number of people we will not list here, because that would be rude, since they’re all so bad in this movie.

They are, however, listed below.

Distributor : Regent
Cast: Najarra Townsend, Alexandra Paul, Cynda Williams, Matthew Thompson, Bruce Vilanach, Alec Mapa, Marcia Wallace, Jake Abel, Joseph Julian Soria, Jane Fynch, Tye Olson, Shani Pride, Ellie Gerber, Vernon Wells, Jasmine Guy and Nichelle Nichols
Director/Writer: Stewart Wade
Producers: Antonio Brown, Stewart Wade and David Avallone
Genre : Drama/Romance
Rating: Unrated
Running time: 104 min.
Release date: October 17 NY/CHI

Tags: Najarra Townsend, Alexandra Paul, Bruce Vilanch, Joseph Julian Soria, Nichelle Nichols, Stewart Wade

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