A woeful dating scene


on October 19, 2010 by Tim Cogshell

The once extremely funny Chris Elliott of The Chris Elliott Show and Get a Life is in Speed-Dating. He plays a health inspector whose complexion is blue and whose name is Red Green. He's a blue man whose name is Red Green. It's the funniest joke in the movie. That said, Too Cool (Wesley Jonathan), Beaver (Leonard Robinson) and Dog (Chico Benymon) are three young men who open a speed-dating club to scam woman into having sex with them. When the women do have sex with them they demean them for having had sex with them and send them down The Walk of Shame. They have an actual sign that says "The Walk of Shame." Everything about this film is fairly offensive, including its racial stereotypes, homophobia, misogyny, generally bad writing and amateur filmmaking. Nevertheless it'll make a few bucks on DVD.

There are B storylines that include a crazy aunt, a stalker, a long lost mother and a liquor license, but mostly it's these fellas whoring and being rude. The notion is that by the end of the movie each of the boys will come to know the error of their ways and rebuke their despicable behavior. They're supposed to grow up and stop being selfish, but they don't. Not really. They just fall in love and stop behaving like pigs because they don't want the people they're in love with to know they're pigs. Thus the racial, sexual, gender and sundry stereotypes are all just as offensive at the end of the movie as they are at the beginning of it.

In the final moments the film drops a twist ending that's internally illogical, which is the most offensive part of the film as a whole. I hate that.

Distributor: Rockstone Releasing
Cast: Wesley Jonathan, Mekita Faiye, Chico Benymon, Holly Robinson Peete and Leonard Robinson
Director/Screenwriter: Joseph A. Elmore Jr.
Producers: La Monde Byrd and Mekita Faiye
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Unrated
Running time: 104 min
Release date: October 1 LA


Tags: Wesley Jonathan, Mekita Faiye, Chico Benymon, Holly Robinson Peete, Leonard Robinson, Joseph A. Elmore Jr., La Monde Byrd

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