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on March 07, 2011 by Matthew Nestel

Shouting flat pickup lines in nameless watering holes isn't attracting the harem of honeys it once did. This soulless carrot chase ultimately catches up to Andrew (Andrew von Urtz), a player with little movement left in his curveball. Loveless follows the crash-and-burn of this middle-aged dreamer; he's stuck in a monotonous dayjob but still angles to land a deal directing his screenplay and become the hotshot he's meant to be. The clever windups and nimble writing put this romcom a nose ahead of the pack. The tale plays strong as it pops from the printed page and promises to keep tickets punched and not go quietly out of the gate.

It starts with a well-crafted screenplay. Some directors are writers first and Ramin Serry is one of them. He takes a chance on the film's lead, newcomer Andrew Von Urtz, who has impeccable timing and is just awkward enough to make each moment oscillate. The sardonic character he plays is "that guy," a self-proclaimed ladies man still turning to his college playbook. He tells aspiring actresses fresh-off-the-boat, that he's a director, and with a few impromptu log lines he vows, right inside his saloon office, to make their one-night stand a quick audition. Shortly after he delivers the bad news: the role of the prostitute who falls for the yogurt salesman in his big feature film is just not right for her. And the revolving door turns.

Surrounded by friends who have gotten serious about family and life, Andrew refuses to grow up. When old fling Joanna (Cindy Chastain) reappears, Andrew tries to impress upon her his seriousness: this time around he'll prove to her he's a screenwriter with scruples and a long-term agenda. She buys in. Trouble is Andrew is still the prick he always was. When he meets young vixen Ava (Genevieve Hudson-Price), he's smitten by the alter-ego she wears on her sleeveless blouse. The looker has baggage. A clinging bunch of siblings all too obsessed with their deceased dad begin to follow Andrew everywhere he goes.

When Andrew's banking buddy Tad (Gary Wilmes) tries to do him a solid and introduce a couple angel investors, it's Andrew's roaming eye and frat boy antics that do his feature film in. Disgraced, the cuckold screenwriter makes a Faustian bargain with his fling Ava and her family's deep pockets to grant him a chance to make his film-but first he has to helm a ridiculous biopic about the family's saintly patriarch.

This all crunches like potato chips. You watch the egotistical Andrew slowly grow a conscience after so many gutchecks. His tooth-and-nail hold on bachelordom and all its glory fades, and he soon learns he's nay the player, but outplayed. And in the end, a heart is found somewhere in the depths of his coalmine soul.

Contact: Ramin Serry
Cast: Andrew Von Urtz, Cindy Chastain, Genevieve Hudson-Price, Gary Wilmes and Scott Cohen
Director/Screenwriter: Ramin Serry
Producers: Shauna Lyon
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: Unrated
Running time: 92 min
Release date: February 18 NY


Tags: Andrew Von Urtz, Cindy Chastain, Genevieve Hudson-Price, Gary Wilmes, Scott Cohen, Ramin Serry, Shauna Lyon

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