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Everything you always wanted to know about Brazil (but were afraid to ask): An introduction to Brazil through film

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When Lunch Ladies Attack: Five More Wimpy Jobs Get a 'Premium Rush' Action Makeover

If a bike messenger can be a hero, why not a dental hygienist? Read more »

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'Rebel Without a Cause' and the Hilarity of Out-of-Touch Hipsterism

Opinion: When the Imagery of Rebellion Becomes the Face of the Establishment Read more »

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Summer of Yelchin

With roles in Star Trek and Terminator Salvation, Anton Yelchin's career is poised for a big boost. Read more »

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A New Rush of Suspense Films Look to Trap Moviegoers

Buried, Devil and 127 Hours all find suspense in confined spaces Read more »

Displaying all 5 results