Flogging a Deceased Equine?

on May 09, 2008 by Steve Simels

And speaking, as we were yesterday, of Ayn Rand-ian auteur Frank Miller's forthcoming (Christmas Day this year) masked superhero flick The Spirit, here's another reason we're not looking forward to it: Spiderman director Sam Raimi already made it (in 1990) as Darkman.

Actually, for my money, Darkman is everything all the Batman films to date (save possibly the first) should have been but weren't, i.e., visually stylish and genuinely exciting, but also breezily unpretentious and funny. And for a fraction of the budget, too; unlike most contemporary superhero epics (not to mention Miller's Sin City or 300), Darkman is an unabashed B-Movie that not only knows its place but positively revels in it. In any case, if you haven't seen it, rent the DVD toot sweet -- but beware the two direct-to-video sequels not helmed by Raimi. They're not terrible, but let's just say that as the titular hero Mummy star Arnold Vosloo is no Liam Neeson.

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