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on July 09, 2008 by Steve Simels

It's no secret that the summer movie I'm most eagerly anticipating is The X-Files: I Want to Believe -- and by no secret, as you doubtless know, I mean that I wrote about being hot for it in the embarassing fanboy sense back in May. Of course, given how generally blah most of the season's blockbusters have been so far, I'd lowered my expectations somewhat since then, most recently after seeing the newest trailer, which is fine as far as it goes (nary a hint as to the film's plot) except for the fact that co-star Billy Connolly...


billy connolly.jpg


looks pretty much just like Brent Spiner in Independence Day...


brent spiner.jpg


...which is, shall we say, disconcerting. But I digress.

Anyway, I now have a a new reason for optimism. While hanging at my Hell Octaplex over the weekend, I chanced upon a very large version of IWTB's mostly copy-free lobby card ...


xfiles poster.jpg



la chose II.jpg


... and was totally knocked out; this has got to be the most elegant and artistic movie poster for a commercial Hollywood flick since ... well, I can't recall. Certainly, it's the first one in ages to nod to German Expressionism (Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, anybody?). In any case, that X-Files poster is now officially my favorite artifact of its kind ever, with the possible exception of the little Gallic number from the early 50s to the right.

(Hmm...La Chose. I guess it's true -- the French really do have a word for everything. Thing, get it? Hah!) Meanwhile, if somebody wants to buy me a framed IWTB poster before the film opens on July 25th, I'd definitely be their best friend.


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