Annals of Career Hell (An Occasional Series)

on August 21, 2008 by Steve Simels

And speaking, as we were yesterday, of crappy buddy-cop comedies, who can forget the 1989 classic Turner and Hooch, starring Tom Hanks -- fresh from his star-making triumph in Big -- and a large slobbering dog? Was T&H, in fact, worse than Joe Piscopo and zombie Treat Williams in Dead Heat? Hard to say, but here's a fairly astounding interview clip of director Roger Spottiswoode trying to put the best possible face on the whole experience.

We should add that Spottiswoode made T&H AFTER co-writing the brilliant 48 Hrs, and that despite it he was later allowed at the helm of the superior James Bond flick Tomorrow Never Dies. We should also note that while researching yesterday's post, we came across several websites where theoretically sane people listed the Top 10 Buddy Cop Comedies of all time, including the self-proclaimed Geeks of Doom. On reflection, we would probably like to meet some of those people, if not perhaps to shake their hands.


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