Great Lost Babes of the Thirties (An Occasional Series)

on September 24, 2008 by Steve Simels

You know, I could natter on about how I caught the original Topper the other day on Turner Classic Movies, and how I was reminded of what a deft comic actress Constance Bennett was, but frankly some mornings you really don't need an excuse to post a glamour shot. So let's just face facts -- this woman was a major dish.


constance benett III.jpg


[Pretty cute, no? And check out the picture I was going to use except it was too big for the page]

A few things I already knew about Bennett: She was Joan Bennett's sister. For a time in the early Thirties, she was the highest paid actress in the industry. And in 1932, she starred in What Price Hollywood, the superior pre-Code original version of the story that would be remade three times under the title A Star is Born (it's not currently available on DVD, alas).

Something I learned about Bennett while looking for a justification to use that photo: She was the aunt of wart-faced 80s talk show host Morton Downey Jr..

Coming tomorrow: We blow open the shocking story of Zazu Pitt's candy recipe cookbook!


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