Flogging a Deceased Equine (An Occasional Series)

on February 03, 2009 by Steve Simels

And speaking as we were yesterday of the ZAZ collective -- a/k/a the writing and directing team of Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams and David Zucker , a/k/a the guys behind such genuine laugh riots as Airplane, Top Secret!, and The Naked Gun series: Constant reader The Phantom Creep took issue with a statement we made about the David Zucker third of the filmmaking triumvirate.


Steve: -- You write that the "sheer multi-dimensional awfulness" of the anti-Iraq Study Group TV ad that Zucker made in 2007 "demonstrates in retrospect that he had, in fact, already gone completely bats**t insane some time before he directed the 2008 mega-flop rightwing screed An American Carol."


I agree with you that the ad is awful, but do you know for an absolute certainty that Zucker was in fact bonkers before the making of AAC? In fact, the word "before" in this context seems quite unfairly vague, suggesting as it does that Zucker could have been off his nut as far back as, say, high school. Can you be more specific?


Sad to say, the Phantom has a point, and I regret the lack of precision in the original remark. By way of a clarification, then, allow me to post another Zucker ad -- this one attacking then Secretary of State Madeleine Albright -- from 2006, a year earlier. Note specifically the bit where Albright is changing an Arab terrorist's tire and splits her dress.

I am informed that there is an even earlier Zucker ad, from 2004, accusing then Presidential candidate John Kerry of the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby,but until I can find that one on YouTube, I think we'll have to accept 2006 as the date when Zucker's brains first dribbled out of his ears. Hope that clears things up, Phantom!

Oh, and just for the record -- I still consider Top Secret! a comic masterpiece.


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