Oh -- So THAT'S Where Radiohead Got the Idea

on June 23, 2009 by Steve Simels

So speaking as we were yesterday of horror flicks that don't insult your intelligence, zombie division, now comes exciting news about the long overdue DVD release of one of the very best.

I refer, of course, to the frequently hilarious but genuinely terrifying 1986 classic Night of the Creeps.

Via Shocktillyoudrop.com:


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is finally getting around to a special edition DVD of Night of the Creeps. Go ahead, read that sentence again. It's true. Red Shirt Pictures' Michael Felsher - who has produced a good deal of terrific genre discs - is spearheading the special features. "It is coming out officially for the first time ever," Felsher says. "[Writer/director] Fred Dekker is already working on it, it's going to be the director's cut with the original ending. We're going to go balls to the wall with the special features on it. I talked to Sony today -- its official, we're going ahead and its coming out in October!"


Granted, that Felsher guy sounds perhaps a little over-caffeinated, but I think the news warrants his enthusiasm -- it's a pretty cool film. In case you're unfamiliar with it, here's the trailer to give you an idea of its nifty mix of thrills and genre parody.

As you will note, it features the wonderful tough guy actor Tom Atkins, as Detective Ray Cameron, delivering perhaps my favorite lines in horror film history.


Cameron: I got good news and bad news, girls. The good news is your dates are here.



Sorority chick: What's the bad news?



Cameron: They're dead.


Truly, they don't write 'em like that anymore.

The story with the ending? In the theatrical version, a sorority house burns down and in the final shot a slug jumps out at the camera from a zombie dog's mouth. In Dekker's script, however, a zombie Cameron is seen shuffling down the street until his head explodes and slugs scamper out into a cemetery. Okay, not that big of a deal unless you're a complete geek, but apparently Dekker made the mistake of showing the original scene to the studio before the effects were done, thus necessitating the change and a violation of his artistic vision that apparently really stuck in his craw.

In any case, you can -- and obviously should, if you've got your head screwed on right -- preorder the new and improved(?) version here.

You're welcome.


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