Great Possibly Apocryphal Show-Biz Stories (An Occasional Series): Part IV

on September 14, 2009 by Steve Simels


51NENWV55VL._SL500_AA240_.jpgOkay, as with the last three vaguely smutty entries in this series, I am reasonably certain, if not positive, that the following story is true. Of course, I might have been on drugs at the time so who knows, but in any case, if I'm not recalling it correctly, it's still lovely. (Incidentally, a Google search has turned up nothing to confirm it. Also: Apologies if I've told it before.)

Anyway, the time: The late 60s. The place: Casa Simels, where the young me is reading some esoteric film journal, which may or may not have been the legendary Calvin Beck's pioneering pop culture crossover rag Castle of Frankenstein.

The piece: An appreciation of the amazing Barbara Steele, scream queen icon of horror films including Mario Bava's immortal Black Sunday, but here being feted for her 1963 appearance in Federico Fellini's somewhat tonier .

The image: The still from said Fellini film reproduced below.


Barbara Steele cropped.jpg


The kicker: A quote by the actress -- who's been aptly described as the only woman in history who can snarl with her eyebrows -- from an interview at the April 1963 Cannes Film Festival.

Asked if she had any long-term career ambitions, Steele replied without missing a beat.

"Yes," she said. "I want to f**k the world!"

Like I said, I may have imagined reading that, but I know for a fact I've been in love ever since.


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