Wednesday Shameless Filler (Hey, They Can't All Be Great!)

on October 14, 2009 by Steve Simels


wedding singer poster.jpgDeep Thought: Every generation has its own existential decision to make. For Boomers, obviously, it was "Vietnam or Canada?" or on a slightly less fraught level, "Beatles or Stones?"

For some of our younger readers, however, it was, alas, one perhaps even more agonizing.

I refer, of course, to "Adam Sandler: Skull-Crushingly Unfunny Comedian or Sign of the End Times?"

But I kid nice Jewish boys who got inexplicably famous on Saturday Night Live.

In any case, I think we can all agree -- regardless of our feelings about Sandler qua Sandler -- that most of his movies suck. With the wonderfully droll exception of The Wedding Singer (1998), an affectionate and sharply written 80s nostalgia piece/satire co-starring the reliably adorable Drew Barrymore.

Here's my favorite moment -- Sandler as Robbie Hart, the titular musician who makes a living grinding out cover versions of hits of the day, finally letting his hair down with one of his own compositions. A word of a caution, however: As he says by way of introduction, when he wrote it he was listening to The Cure a lot.

That song has actually been on my iPod going back years. Really -- I kid you not. For some reason, it just speaks to me.

In any case, you can order a totally deluxe Blu-ray edition of The Wedding Singer over here. If you're not ready for that level of committment, you should probably just get the DVD from Netflix. Or wait for it to show up on cable.

You're welcome.


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