If It's Monday, It Must Be Shameless Filler: Special Honest-to-God Final Post-Xmas Clearance

on January 18, 2010 by Steve Simels


family guy dvd.jpgI kid you not, I'll get back to serious movie stuff tomorrow -- and yes, folks, I finally saw Avatar, so you'll definitely want to stop by -- but I found something (from last December) at the bottom of a pile of to-be-reviewed stuff yesterday and realized I just HAD to mention it before before it got too obviously old.

I refer, of course, to the second installment of comic genuis Seth MacFarlane's ongoing skewering of George Lucas' increasingly insufferable Star Wars saga -- Something, Something, Something Dark Side.

This is, obviously, a send-up of The Empire Strikes Back, with the Family Guy characters filling in for Luke, Princess Leia et all, and it has probably the highest laughs-per-minute ratio of anything I've seen since The Simpsons Movie. Seriously, the opening crawl alone -- which beings with "A long time ago, when the gays weren't all in your face about it" and gets more outrageous as it scrolls up -- is worth the price of the DVD. And don't even get me started on the Giant Chicken.

Here's the oficial trailer to give you a taste.

One tiny cavil. As you may have guessed, although I was as blown away by Star Wars in 1977 as everybody else, my affection for the franchise has been in precipitous decline with the release of pretty much all of the films since then. Which is to say that as funny as Something, Something... is, it's clearly made by people who are on some level Star Wars geeks, i.e., it's an affectionate insiders parody, and for my taste I would have preferred something a little more vicious.

That's just me, of course. And in any case, I take some small ironic solace in the fact that MacFarlane's made-for-video take-off also features animation that is in many way superior to that of the crappy Star Wars: The Clone Wars feature that actually played in theaters in 2008.

Moderately amusing bonuses with the package include a sneak peak at the upcoming
Episode VI parody and a running audio commentary by MacFarlane, Seth Green and a couple of the writers and producers. I'm not sure if I actually heard the sound of beer cans being popped, but let's just say that the atmosphere is pleasantly informal.

In any case, you can -- and IMHO definitely should -- order Something, Something etc here.


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