Monday Shameless Filler: That's Our Hitler!!!

on April 26, 2010 by Steve Simels


Terrific news from the business we call Show -- last Friday, genius comic auteur and a heckuva dancer Mel Brooks was awarded the 2406th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. More specifically, in front of the Egyptian Theater.

According to fan Douglas McEwan, as reported over at Mark Evanier's place:

I watched Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner hugging and cheek-kissing from about six yards away. I laughed at the many funny things they said. (Mel: "A few minutes ago they said: 'Mel Brooks to makeup and hair.' Then they said, 'Carl Reiner to makeup.'") When the guy with Johnny Grant's old job was thanking Mel for all the laughs he's given us, Mel interrupted him to say: "And we have to thank Adolf Hitler, without whom I'd have had no career."


Something about a picture being worth a thousand words comes to mind right now....


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