Thursday Shameless Filler: Notes on Camp

on May 13, 2010 by Steve Simels

I don't recall if Susan Sontag specifically referenced it in the groundbreaking 1964 essay whose title I've just copped, but here's the trailer for the incredible 1944 Maria Montez Technicolor fantasy Cobra Woman...


...which pretty much says it all in terms of what Sontag was talking about.

Obviously, if you've seen Cobra Woman, you've already had your life changed in unfathomable ways. And if you haven't, for heaven's sake, get over here and order it pronto (sorry -- multi-region players only!)

And then let's just add that anybody who thinks diva du jour Lady Gaga is a big deal...
















..has clearly never taken a gander at the REAL fake thing...

















...and that Nick Tosches got it right when he observed "The illusion of newness is Pop Culture's biggest sucker racket. And to learn that there truly is nothing new under the lucky old sun is the beginning of wisdom."

Okay, I know I'm sort of obsessing on the whole Lady Gaga thing, but really -- is there anything more obnoxious than a 24-year-old brat who thinks she invented outrage? Sheesh.



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