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on June 15, 2010 by Steve Simels


The giant man-eating zombie french poodle. From The Boneyard (James Cummins, 1991).

Worthy of Jean Cocteau, I think, or at least the Cocteau of Beauty and the Beast.

In any case, The Boneyard is one of those movies people think I'm making up when I tell them about it. Possibly because it also features a giant man-eating zombie Phyllis Diller. But it's real, I swear to god; I actually reviewed it in Entertainment Weekly back in the day (as you can see, it got a B-minus).

And here's the trailer, if you're still skeptical.

Have I mentioned that Three's Company scold Norman Fell is in there as well?

Ooh, I made a couplet. Notwithstanding, you can order a very nice DVD of The Boneyard here.

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