Image of the Day: The Secret History

on August 18, 2010 by Steve Simels

From Toy Story 3: Chuckles the Clown, framed in a window as storm clouds gather in what looks -- for good reason --  like a scene from one of the classic Universal gothic horror films of the 30s or 40s.


I keep trying to tell friends who haven't yet seen the film that it's actually a masterpiece, but for some reason none of them believes me. In any case, the sequence that begins with the shot above is one of my absolute favorites; Chuckles (as sad a clown as ever was, and if his name isn't a sly homage to a classic Mary Tyler Moore Show episode than I'm Marie of Rumania) is about to launch into a voice-over explaining why the sinister Lots -O-Huggin' Bear (a brilliant Ned Beatty) is so evil ("Something changed that day inside Lotso; something snapped!"). It's a great scene, on the knife-edge between genuinely affecting and melodramatically ridiculous, and it's also a very sly send-up of every solemn and portentous super-villain secret origin you ever read in a Marvel Comic.

Tags: Toy Story 3, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Ned Beatty

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