If the Impressionists Had Been Dentists

on December 15, 2010 by Steve Simels

del_toro.jpgSo yesterday morning I was once again immersed, as is often my wont, in the great comforting warm bath that is the New York Times Arts & Leisure section, when the following interesting and alarming item jumped out at me. It seems one of the world's most interesting filmmakers is moving, perhaps inadvisedly, into another medium.

Who needs capricious and sometimes financially imperiled movie studios to finance and release ambitious content when there’s a whole world of video game companies waiting to do it? Certainly not Guillermo del Toro. Having withdrawn himself from The Hobbit movies when the future of that film franchise was less certain, Mr. del Toro, the Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy director, has found a new dark fantasy series to keep him busy, but it won’t be coming soon to a theater near you. On Monday, the video game publisher THQ Inc. said it had struck “a multiyear agreement” for Mr. del Toro to create a new game trilogy called inSANE.
A news release from the publisher was not exactly brimming with details about the game series, which is planned for home computers and the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, but Mr. del Toro said in a statement that he wanted the games “to take players to a place they have never seen before, where every single action makes them question their own senses of morality and reality.”

Like I said, interesting and alarming. I mean, del Toro's great, and frankly I think it's wonderful that the guy who brought this little nightmare image to the screen....


...may be bringing something similar to the new medium and thus troubling the sleep of the kiddies who make up its audience.

On the other hand, that stuff about questioning ones sense of morality strikes me as a little ridiculous. After all, there's a reason that video games -- despite the frequent protestations of Seth Schiesel, the NYTimes writer who admits to playing the damn things for days at a time, rather than actually having a life -- are considered to be the slightly smelly and socially maladjusted cousin of The Arts. And, frankly, anybody who takes them seriously as anything else need only consider the example below...

...and ponder why it was conspicuously absent from most of the obituaries for the late Dennis Hopper.

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