USL, Inc. Introduces New Product Features to the JSD-60 Digital Cinema Processor

April 05, 2016


Ultra-Stereo Labs, an industry leader in digital cinema technology, for the motion picture industry, has made new advancements on the increasingly popular JSD-60 Digital Cinema Processor. USL's inventive engineering team has now added Parametric Equalization and Bass Management to the JSD-60 processor. The JSD-60, along with many of the other innovative USL products will be on display at the CinemaCon convention, April 11-14, in the USL, Inc. booth (#412F) at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, NV.

JSD-60 users now have the choice between third octave equalization and parametric equalization. With third octave equalization, users have 27 fixed frequency filters plus bass and treble shelving filters. As an alternative, the user is presented with eight parametric filters on each channel. The frequency, gain, and Q can be adjusted on each. It is often possible to get better sound by using fewer filters with the precise frequency, gain, and bandwidth required than using a large number of fixed frequency filters.

New bass management firmware adds a second LFE channel with its own input mixer and equalization. In a typical cinema installation, this second LFE channel (LFE2) drives subwoofers in the rear of the auditorium. The surround channel audio coming in over AES/EBU (Ls, Rs, Lrs, and Rrs channels) are combined in the mixer, filtered, and then sent to LFE2. LFE2 extends the low frequency range of the surround speakers.

Additional features of the JSD-60 include an optional BLU Link output board, an internal RTA, 8 main outputs (for up to 7.1 channels) plus HI and VI-N outputs (all balanced line level). It comes with a digital bypass circuit for AES/EBU and all other formats. An optional internal biamp crossover is available for 5.1 and 7.1 channel auditoriums. Drive-In cinema support is also included.

"These new features along with the state of the art 96 KHz processing will make this processor even more desirable," commented Jack Cashin, Founder and President of USL, Inc. "We have listened to our customers and updated these features per their request," added Tom Atkison, Director of Technical Sales.

For over thirty-five years, USL, Inc. has been a global leader for technical achievements in design, manufacturing, research and development of cinema products and a six-time International Cinema Technology Association award winner of the Manufacturer of the Year.

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